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Our goal is to produce excellent coffee that bridges the gap between the farmer and the consumer, while fostering relationships that build healthy communities. At every step -- from buying, to roasting, to brewing, to serving -- we strive to provide the best coffee experience in our community. 

Hours: M-Th: 6:30a-9:00p, F: 6:30a-10:00p, Sat: 8:00a-10:00p, Closed Sunday

4730 Chace Cir, Suite 124, Hoover, AL 35244

Our Team

Abby Phillips 

Girl Smiling while holding latte wearing a baba java shirt

Abby has been working with Baba Java since October and is likely one of the friendliest faces anyone will see at Baba Java. Her experience at other coffee shops in Birmingham has helped her train most of our staff.  She loves fostering community through coffee and wants to do more in Birmingham to make specialty coffee more readily available. We asked her for her favorite drink ever and her honest answer was our Yemen pour over! She's been working with coffee for 4 years and can pour the cleanest latte tulip you've ever seen. Get to know her by stopping in most mornings in the cafe.

Alison Johnson


There isn't a person on Earth who doesn't love a good story, but everyone can tell a captivating story, Alison is the exception to this. Likely one of her most interesting and amusing qualities is her ability to escape trouble with an interesting experience tell about. She works as a manager at Baba Java where she engages the coffee-drinking populace on the regular. Her love for sports, coffee, and people is evident and highlights even more the diversity of our team at the cafe.

Girl smiling while telling a story in a coffee shop


Reuben Parsons

Our only in-house Aussie, Reuben Parsons, roasts every bit of coffee that comes through Baba Java. Reuben moved to the U.S. a few years ago on an exchange program to work at Disney World. He didn't have much exposure to coffee until then. Since working at Baba Java, he has learned a great amount about and loves sharing his passion about roasting. Baba Java fans line up out the door just for a chance to hear roasting wisdom from the man himself.

Bearded man smiling while holding a white 5 gallon tub

Jacob Catlett

Hailing from Arkansas, Jacob Catlett is the man in charge of promoting the Baba Java name. He started at Baba Java as a manager and is now in charge of our sales. If you own a cafe or small restaurant in town, you've likely seen Jacob out and about trying to talk about our coffee. His goal is to have our coffee in all fifty states and heaven knows he has been hard at work to get us there. If you have any questions about the Baba Java name, he'd be your man-at least to point you in the right direction. He has his hand in sales, marketing, barista work, and in roasting. Get to know him any weekday in the cafe mornings!

Man wearing a black shirt smiling in front of coffee roaster in a bright room


John Mark Carter

John Mark is a roaster turned barista at Baba Java. He started working back in the early days. If you have known him for a while, you know that he has cherished the though of working in coffee for quite some time. It's easy to see his passion for coffee behind the bar. He meticulously crafts each drink with precision and expertise. It's good to see that he takes his job seriously, but not too seriously. The community side of coffee is what is most important to him, and he works hard behind the bar to bring people together. It can be quite hard to bond over a cup of coffee if it tastes foul-that is why we are glad to have those like John Mark to keep that from happening. 

Man sitting at a barstool while eating an italian savory roll and drinking a tulip glass water

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