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Grand Opening on March 30th!

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What We're About

Our goal is to produce excellent coffee that bridges the gap between the farmer and the consumer, while fostering relationships that build healthy communities. At every step -- from buying, to roasting, to brewing, to serving -- we strive to provide the best coffee experience in our community.

Blog posts

Colored Coffee Beans Arranged to Say Baba Java

Specialty Coffee from Start to Finish

Learn about our farm to cup process in our latest blog!
Yemeni Coffee is Here!

Yemeni Coffee is Here!

Yemeni coffee is here! Click to hear about some of the world's most rare coffee beans.
We have a location!!

We have a location!!

Just a quick update. We have our location! Our space will be in Chase Lake in Hoover, AL right next to 5 Guys. Our goal will be to have coffee rea...