12 Coffees of Christmas 

November 21, 2023 Abby Phillips

12 Coffees of Christmas 

We all know and love the countdown to Christmas… The countdown to Christmas is the greatest anticipatory set of days of the year to so many! It’s the jolliest time of the year, and Baba Java is here for it! This year, we are offering 12 different coffees during the countdown to Christmas Day. Think of the Advent calendar with a twist. 

For the 12 days of Christmas, my true love gave to me 12 bags of excellent coffee! Forget turtle doves and pipers piping, Baba Java’s got you covered in all things coffee! 

Day 1: Bolivia 

Our coffee from Bolivia comes from the region of Apolo. It is an organic washed process coffee picked from an indigenous microlot. This coffee is for those who enjoy subtle sweetness and floral notes like plum and jasmine. 

Day 2: Ethiopia 

Ethiopia is certainly known for its coffee, and this particular coffee from the Yirgacheffe region is exactly what coffee drinkers want in an Ethiopian—sweet, floral, and fruity.  

Day 3: China 

You might not first think of coffee when you think about China, but the Yunnan Province is producing incredible coffee. Not only is this coffee great for both new and seasoned drinkers, but it also supports an initiative to continue growing excellent specialty coffee. Blueberry and dried fruits are the notes you can get from this coffee. 

Day 4: Heritage Blend 

Our Heritage Blend is a blend of Yemen and Ethiopia, both countries known for the origins of coffee itself! We took an Ethiopia from the Djimma region and paired it with our Yemen Al-Ghayoul. It’s a great blend that brings out the best of both growing regions. 

Day 5: Guatemala 

This coffee from Guatemala we get from Samuel Coto, farmer and owner of Panorama Coffees. Samuel and his company are committed to working with farmers to cultivate traceable excellent coffee—what we’re all about at Baba Java! This coffee is a perfect balance of fruitiness and spice, boasting notes of blackberry and clove. 

Day 6: Papua New Guinea 

This coffee for day 6 comes from the Sigiri Estate in Papua New Guinea through our friends at Benchmark Coffee Traders. They have direct family ties with these coffee producers and Benchmark works closely with them to bring their beautiful coffees to roasters in America. They support a strong social agenda that provides free housing, free healthcare, and free schooling to the coffee pickers and farmers who work tirelessly to help produce these unique coffees. This coffee has notes of raspberry, macadamia, and maple

Day 7: Haitian Blue 

Haitian Blue coffee has made a name for itself being both unique and rare. This coffee in particular is the best of its unique origin. The name of the coffee itself comes from the town Savane Zombi which translates to “Zombie Savannah”. The Zombie Desert cooperative has only been operating for a few years but has already won awards for being the highest-scoring coffee to ever come out of Haiti. You’ll find notes of tangerine, cardamom, and almond. 

Day 8: Dominican Republic 

Day 8 gives you our Dominican Republic! This coffee comes from the region Jarabacoa in the beautiful valley of La Vega. It comes from a single farm called Ramirez Estate. This particular coffee is a red honey processed coffee, which tastes like cranberry and dark chocolate. 

Day 9: Honduras 

This Honduras coffee comes from a group of female-owned microlots called 18 Rabbits farms seniored by the matriarch of the family Dulce Marlen. Dulce Marlen and her husband are pioneers of both organic and biodynamic farming techniques, being intentional about naturally regenerating the soil they use for agriculture. This delicious coffee tastes like cherry, blackberry, and dates. 

Day 10: Yemen 

Yemen is one of our flagship coffees at Baba Java, and Rayyan Mill was our first direct partnership. If you like tasting notes of dates, dark chocolate, and black currant—you’ll love this coffee! 

Day 11: Winter Wonder Blend 

Winter Wonder Blend is that smooth, easy-drinking coffee that makes for the best start to a winter morning. By combining flavors from the Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua, we’ve crafted a unique blend that’s perfect for the holidays, offering notes of chestnuts and dark cocoa. 

Day 12: **Colombia Pink Power Bourbon** 

There is no better way to end 12 Coffees of Christmas than to end it with the Colombia Pink Power Bourbon! How this coffee is processed after harvest makes it so unique and distinctly bright, sweet, and fruit-forward. The coffee cherries are anaerobically fermented in a special juice called “Mosto” and strategically dried before they are ready. This amazing processing method accompanied by our roasting profile brings you an unforgettable coffee experience. 

So for this Christmas season, explore the many different coffee origins and varieties of the world, processing methods, and flavor notes—it makes the most wonderful time of the world even more wonderful!