Coffee Culture in China

June 22, 2022 Abby Phillips

Coffee Culture in China

Within about a decade, the specialty coffee culture in China has exploded with a robust and rapid pace. Although there are still places where specialty coffee is harder to come by, there are many others where quality coffee is easy to find and the western mountains of China is one of those places. It’s only a matter of years until Yunnan Province will be a starred location on the coffee map for any coffee connoisseur. 

China has a rich tea culture and has been one of the biggest producers of tea for years. However, another resource is rapidly taking over the agriculture space. Uncharted territory has now been garnered for coffee farming, and the results speak for themselves.

Uncompromised Quality

Specialty coffee paired with great partnerships is a large part of how the quality of coffee coming from Yunnan has remained so exceptional. Farmers recognize the importance of selling their coffee to intentional, specialty-based companies instead of those with little interest in fair compensation. This represents the values that all specialty-based coffee companies strive for:  quality, reciprocity, and delicious coffee.

A Budding Culture

Coffee consumption is rising all across China and expanding beyond its borders. The rich tea culture of China prepared the country for a budding coffee culture, and there’s much to be discovered and tasted! 

Yunnan Coffee Traders is the perfect example of the rising coffee industry in China. From the land their coffee cherries grow on to the patios where they dry to their washing process, all the way to the cup of coffee we enjoy today– Yunnan Coffee Traders are creating a standard of excellence for the coffee culture in China, and many Chinese coffee companies like them are becoming household names.

The Yunnan province was the first place coffee was grown in China and remains to be the primary producing region, and it currently produces over 140 million kilograms of coffee every year.

Farm to Cup Quality

Farming practices and quality control is essential to coffee farmers in China, and coffee professionals all over the world can see this. The cultural shift that coffee is impacting in this culturally rich country is both exciting and intriguing. The market within the country has grown rapidly since the thirty-three year old anniversary of Nestle’s first sale of instant coffee in China. 

Culturally, the Western lifestyle and pace that coffee represents created intrigue in the fortified tea culture of China. Now, specialty coffee can be found all over the main cities of China, in people’s homes, and especially in the growing number of specialty coffee shops around the country.

Broadening the Market

The coffee industry has broadened China’s already massive commodious market. Cafes and roasters are popping up faster than anyone anticipated, but Chinese consumers are matching its rapid pace. Varying store models and concepts have enriched Chinese culture, and the younger generations are exploring new experiences with this age-old favorite. This unprecedented growth of the coffee culture in China is one of the most exciting developments in the industry today, and can lead to worldwide innovations. 

Our Take on Chinese Coffee Culture

Here at BabaJava, we want to be a part of innovation and growth around the world. Our origin mugs are a nod to the coffee growth in many countries around the world. Yunnan Coffee Traders has been a partner of ours since our beginning. Our very own VP of Operations, Brad Haynes had the chance to chat with Managing Director of Yunnan Coffee Traders, Josh Jagelman, on an episode of our podcast CoffeeU. Check out this exciting conversation here!

From harvested crops to espresso shots, coffee from China always inspires and motivates us. Our origin mugs highlight coffee we love around the world. Next time you take a sip out of the China Origin Mug, we hope it holds a more personal story for you. And don’t miss our different origin mugs, highlighting countries all over the world! We have the perfect mug for you, so you can enjoy every sip of your favorite brew. 

As the coffee industry in China continues to grow, we believe the best coffee is yet to come, and we can’t wait to showcase more excellent crops!

Learn more about our coffee brewing process and commitment to excellence here. And if you want a taste of China’s rich coffee culture, be sure to check out our China Origin Blend from the Yunnan province.

Cheers to excellence from farm to cup!