Coffee Variety Box

Coffee Variety Box

  • Papua New Guinea

    This coffee is for those who like raspberry, macadamia, and maple.

  • China

    This coffee is for people who enjoy flavor notes of dark chocolate and blood orange.

  • Ethiopia

    This coffee is for people who like the taste of white grapes and jasmine tea.

  • Yemen

    For those who like dried grape and dark chocolate.

  • Brazil

    From the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, this natural processed coffee ferments for 3 days, to break down sugars into the seed, and then is sun dried on raised beds.

  • Burundi

    This coffee is great for people looking for flavors of sweet cherry and lime.

Product Description

Not sure which coffee you want? Not a problem! Try before you buy with the our Coffee Sample Box. Each box will include 6 of our rotating origins plus our flagship origin from Yemen!

Price will vary as origins come and go. Origins are subject to change.