5 Unique Ways to Celebrate International Coffee Day

September 6, 2023 Joshua Parvin

5 Unique Ways to Celebrate International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day celebrates the diversity of and passion for coffee all around the world. From producers to roasters to baristas to consumers—coffee has never been better than it is today. Celebrated on October 1, International Coffee Day is a great way for people to hold events, try new coffees, and educate themselves more about coffee. 

Celebrate with the Baba Java Team on Monday, October 2nd.

In so many ways, to love coffee is to also know and love the countries that grow it. This only enriches how you think about coffee, select coffee, and brew coffee. The story behind each cup is what is celebrated on this holiday. So, here are five unique ways to celebrate this International Coffee Day! 

1. Test a new brewing method

The first and foremost way to celebrate International Coffee Day is to enjoy a good cup of coffee! Most coffee drinkers have their favorite way of brewing their coffee, and they stick with it. Whether you brew your coffee in a coffee maker or in a French Press—International Coffee Day beckons exploration!  

One of the brewing methods we recommend people try is a pour-over with the Hario V60. This brewing method produces a clean cup and can pull out nuances of a coffee’s flavor profile. Here’s a step-by-step guide and video showing you how to try out this brew method! 

2. Try an Origin of Coffee You’ve Never Had

International Coffee Day celebrates and promotes the origin of coffee and the farmer who works to cultivate it, from growing it to post-harvest fermentation practices. Oftentimes, commodity coffee doesn’t even signify where the coffee came from. In the specialty coffee industry, coffee professionals are eager to share the story of the coffee they brew. The people behind your cup of coffee and the country from which it comes are worth celebrating. They’re hard workers who are constantly innovating and growing the industry and beloved products. 

Branch out this International Coffee Day and try a new coffee from a new country! Did you know China produces incredible coffee? Have you ever tried a coffee that was grown in Yemen? Take this short quiz and find out what new coffee suits you!

3. Read Blogs on Different Coffee-Growing Countries

International Coffee Day highlights the producer in particular. Coffee cultivation takes years, and how a harvest turns out directly impacts producers and their families. Read up on the impact coffee has on culture and culture has on coffee with this blog series:

4. Attend a Coffee Cupping

International Coffee Day is a great way for coffee companies to host different events. Oftentimes, specialty coffee shops will hold coffee cuppings (coffee tastings). Cuppings are a great social event that gives you the opportunity to try new coffees and learn about the intricacies of growing, roasting, and brewing. Check out our blog about cupping, where we talk all about what cupping coffee is, why we cup coffee, and how to do it! 

5. Sign Up For a Coffee Subscription

Coffee comes from all around the world. What better way to celebrate International Coffee Day than to start a coffee subscription to enjoy different coffees from all over the world! Baba Java’s coffee subscription also offers exclusive access to new coffees as well as further information on different coffees.

Ready to Celebrate?

There are many ways to celebrate International Coffee Day! Be sure to enjoy an excellent cup of coffee this October 1st and learn something new about your favorite drink. Happy International Coffee Day!