Coffee Culture Around the World

July 28, 2022 Abby Phillips

Coffee Culture Around the World

Coffee has always been a manifestation of the culture where it is grown. If you’ve been following this series, you know that we’ve been exploring how coffee reflects and impacts cultures around the world. This is part of our overall mission and purpose at Baba Java. We’ve already discussed China’s coffee culture with its roots in the tea industry, as well as the boom of coffee culture in Brazil.

It’s clear that the global impact of excellent specialty coffee is huge. That’s why we think it is so special when different cultures and their coffees come together in one harmonious, delicious blend. Much like the upcoming multi-sport event: the World Games!

It’s not every day that so many cultures and people from all over the world are together in one place. We are thrilled that the World Games 2022 are happening right here in Birmingham, Alabama and that we will be the official hot coffee sponsor of the international event. 

Everyday people walk through the doors of our shop, and coffee acts as the ultimate mediator. That local experience breathes life into our global community. We say it all the time: Coffee fosters community. Part of the reason we wanted to be involved with the World Games this year was exactly that–community. Our passion for validating each and every stepping stone that gets your favorite coffee in your hands is what drives our mission. Your morning cup of coffee is vital, and where it comes from is too!

Coffee has a huge impact on the economic world as well. It’s the second most valuable commodity sold in the world, only after fuel. The relationships formed among global markets foster growth and opportunities around the world.

Once coffee trade began to rise in prominence, it served as the linchpin for creativity, innovation, and revolutionized thinking. In Burundi, 55% of the population earns living wages from Arabica bean production and trade. Honduras’s rapidly growing coffee shop culture is central to social events and celebrations, and they’re modifying the coffee plant to discover different varieties that have never before graced taste buds.

As you can see, coffee culture is booming around the world and its accessibility and domestic consumption is rising. The culture of excellent specialty coffee varies across the world, but the importance it holds for all cultures is the same. It’s this common ground that excites professionals in the industry, and that common ground is community

Whether it’s at an essential coffee ceremony in Ethiopian culture or at a cafe table in the heart of Birmingham, the community that is shared with coffee holds great importance. That’s a common ground worth treading with reverence.

In light of this, we sourced a set of coffees from around the world to create our limited-edition World Games Blend! (Now Sold Out) We want to foster community with our coffee instead of simply providing a quick caffeine boost each morning.

The World Games Blend is made up of coffee from China, Burundi, and Honduras. These three coffees cover three different continents, and the richness of this blend is something special– both sensorially and culturally. We’re proud of our community here in Birmingham, and thrilled to be a part of the community it creates. It’s why we do what we do.

We hope to see you at the World Games whether it’s at the sporting events, or at our cozy shop! We’ll be all over town, and we will always have excellently sourced, roasted, and brewed coffee for you to enjoy.

Try coffee from around the world!