Haitian Blue | Zombie Desert

{ Central Plateau }

Haitian Blue | Zombie Desert

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Central Plateau


Natural Process


Medium Roast

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Haitian Coffee is very unique and rare. There is only one region in the small country where coffee grows and what makes it even more rare is that the third world country has faced crisis after crisis, making it very unstable and more difficult to export coffee. This coffee in particular is the best of the unique origin. The name of the coffee itself comes from the town Savane Zombi which translates to “Zombie Savannah”. The Zombie Desert cooperative has only been operating for a few years but has already won awards for being the highest scoring coffee to ever come out of Haiti. The cooperative produces about 600 bags of coffee a year. Through a model farm at the cooperative members and potential members are trained by 

Café Kreyol and partners to maximize quality and quantity. Mariane, one of the leaders of the cooperative, is dedicated to uniform fermentations through pH testing, and is also dedicated to the craft of growing, processing, and brewing coffee.