This unique Ethiopian heirloom coffee hails from the Sidama region. Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, produces some of the world's best coffee each year. In our opinion, this naturally processed coffee is some of their best.

After harvest, this coffee is dried on raised beds for 8-10 days; it is rotated every thirty minutes to promote even drying. It completes the drying process on concrete patios for a final 2-3 days before being shipped to us for roasting. Needless to say, great lengths are taken to ensure this coffee tastes excellent. That excellent taste ensures that Ethiopia's reputation as world's best coffee-producing country is not changing anytime soon. 

This coffee is for people who like the taste of red grape juice and cane sugar.

Region Sidama
Altitude 1,750-1,950 masl
Varietal Ethiopian Heirloom
Process Natural
Roast Medium (City)
Tasting Notes Red Grape Juice, Cane Sugar

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