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Our goal is to produce excellent coffee that bridges the gap between the farmer and the consumer, while fostering relationships that build healthy communities. At every step -- from buying, to roasting, to brewing, to serving -- we strive to provide the best coffee experience in our community. 

The Vision

Hear from our owner and President of Baba Java, Nathan Parvin on everything from the vision of Baba Java, to the role of Arabic influence on our mission, to his appreciation for the support on our Grand Opening day in the video below. One of our team got the chance to sit down and interview him to ask about the mission behind Baba Java, the goal in supporting farmers, and how he plans to reach the world with this specialty coffee. ***(The Interview picks up mid-way in and video cuts out halfway through, thanks technical difficulties!)

Our Team

Abby Phillips

Abby has been working with Baba Java since October and is likely one of the friendliest faces anyone will see at Baba Java. Her experience at      Smiling Girl wearing a Baba Java shirt Holding Latte art in coffee shop other coffee shops in Birmingham has helped her train most of our staff.  She loves fostering community through coffee and wants to do more in Birmingham to make specialty coffee more readily available. We asked her for her favorite drink ever and her honest answer was our Yemen pour over! She's been working with coffee for 4 years and can pour the cleanest latte tulip you've ever seen. Get to know her by stopping in most mornings in the cafe. 


Alison Johnson- More soon

Reuben Parsons-Coming April 16th

Jacob Catlett- More Soon

Sydney Hazlewood- More Soon

Jacob Phillips-More Soon

Brad Haynes-More Soon

Josh Parvin-More Soon

Jacob Payne-More Soon

John Mark Carter-More Soon

Nathan and Wendi Parvin-More Soon


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