What to Buy the Coffee Lover

What to Buy the Coffee Lover

December 02, 2019 0 Comments


It’s official: with Thanksgiving behind us, it’s officially the holiday season. By now many of us are either working on our Christmas shopping or starting to panic about how little we’ve done. As you scramble to decide what to get your friends and family, we at Baba Java are here to light the way for the coffee lovers in your life. Below are some suggestions and tips as you navigate your holiday shopping. 

Give the Whole Bean

The first and perhaps most obvious gift for the coffee lover in your life is...coffee! When shopping for that “coffee snob” you know and love, here are some things to keep in mind. First, they most likely want whole bean coffee. Most lovers of coffee highly prefer to grind their coffee fresh each morning. If they have a grinder, you’ll certainly want to go this route. If not, then see the paragraph below on good coffee grinder options! 

“Best By” Dates: A Sign Your Coffee Isn’t Fresh

People who take their coffee seriously will also want to know that it was freshly roasted. Most specialty coffee shops like Baba Java will put a roast date on the back of the bag. Coffee is usually at its best within a month of the roast date but typically will not lose a notable amount freshness until two or two and a half months after it’s roasted. Beware of coffee that does not have a roast date on it at all though. A “best by” date is not the same thing and will typically not accompany fresh-roasted coffee. 

Choosing Between Coffee Growing Regions Or Try Them All!

Finally, check the flavor notes of a coffee. While flavor is not added to good specialty coffee, it will all have some natural tasting notes that are really more of an aftertaste than anything. These flavor notes can range quite a bit and serious coffee drinkers usually have a flavor profile they prefer. Generally speaking, coffee can be quite chocolatey (a good example being our Yemen coffee), nutty (like our Honduras and Peru coffee), fruity (like our Ethiopia and China coffee), savory (like our Colombia coffee) or a mix of the three (like our Heritage and Ridge Blends). While tasting notes can cover quite a range, it’s honestly more important to make sure the coffee is whole bean and freshly roasted. 

At Baba Java, we are chock full of great coffee gifts. You can easily buy a bag of great, fresh roasted coffee from us online or in the shop. For those unsure of their coffee connoisseur’s flavor note preference, a great option is to try our sample box! This way you can have it all and your loved one can decide what they like best. 

Give The Roaster’s Choice Coffee Subscription

Another great way to try all of our coffees is our Roaster’s Choice subscription. Our 12 month subscription is a fantastic gift option, as you prepay for the entire year to receive one bag of coffee per month. Each month our roasters send you a different bag of coffee, ensuring that you get a good variety of quality, fresh-roasted coffee. Need more than one bag per month? You can also sign up for a recurring Roasters’ Choice subscription and pay as you go; or simply subscribe to your favorite coffee at the interval (1-4 weeks) of your choice and change it at any time!

Burr Grinders are a Better Gift Than Blade Grinders

For those buying for people who already love our coffee, you might consider purchasing some brewing equipment. As previously mentioned, a coffee grinder can make all the difference. There are generally two kinds of coffee grinders on the market: blade grinders and burr grinders. Blade grinders, much like a blender, utilize a metal blade spinning at a fast rate to grind the coffee beans for you. While these are typically more cost-efficient, they are less desirable because the size of the resulting coffee grinds is always the same and out of the user’s control. The grind size is very important for brewing coffee as grinding coffee too finely or too coarsely can result in a bad cup. 

Burr grinders are certainly the way to go. The coffee beans are ground between the burrs in a way that controls the size of the resulting grounds. There are many iterations of the burr grinder, some better than others, but all are more desirable than a blade grinder. 

Baba Java, knowing the importance of the coffee grinder in the brewing process, carries two different grinders. For those brewing a cup or two at a time, a small hand grinder such as the Hario Mini-Slim Grinder will get the job done! Wanting something a little more automated? The best home grinder on the market is undoubtedly the Baratza Encore, which we are also privileged to offer our customers. Most of the staff have one at home! 

Home Coffee Brewing Equipment 

Another great option for your coffee lover is brew equipment. We at Baba Java recommend two brew methods in particular that really bring out the best flavors in coffee. First is the pour-over method. We both use and sell Hario products in our cafe because their filters allow the flavorful oils in coffee to pass through unlike some other brands. You can buy any Hario product you might need from us- a dripper, filters, server, scale, or kettle. We also bundle the essential ones in our Hario Pour Over Kit if you or your coffee-loving friend or family member are just getting started. 

Another less-involved brew method is the AeroPress, which is both a method and a brand. The AeroPress is essentially a French Press and hand-powered espresso maker combined. It’s a one-of-a-kind method that is also a low-end investment upfront. If your coffee lover doesn’t have one, they would not be disappointed to find it under the tree. 

Mugs For Your Baba Java Fan

A final gift category to buy your coffee fan is a mug or tumbler. Baba Java has one of each that we sell, and bringing your tumbler into the cafe will earn you a 10% discount on your order. Be on the lookout for holiday offers that include our mugs and tumblers, such as the combination of a mug and a 12oz bag of Heritage Blend for $25 (normally a $33 value). 

Order In Time for Christmas!

There are many good options to buy the coffee lover in your life. We hope that this blog serves as a good reference as you complete your holiday shopping. And since you’re already here, we hope that you’ll consider placing an order for our coffee, brewing equipment, or mugs for your friends and family to enjoy!

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