Baba Java Coffee- Excellence from Farm to Cup

Baba Java Coffee- Excellence from Farm to Cup

June 28, 2019 0 Comments

What makes coffee great? Many assume that great coffee depends on the roaster and the barista. Though these steps are essential to excellent coffee, great coffee is not possible without the hard work of farmers. Roasters and cafes like us merely elevate the work of such farmers. That’s why Baba Java’s goal of developing excellent coffee includes painstaking effort from farm to cup. We work hard to ensure quality at every step in the process first, because we love coffee, but more importantly because we believe in the community that coffee stimulates. We strive to do our best at every step of our coffee’s journey from the farm to your cup.

At Baba Java one of our highest priorities is sourcing our coffee. The farm is, after all, the first step in our coffee’s journey to your cup. We work hard to make sure that our coffee is ethically sourced and fairly priced so that each famer that contributes to our coffee supply is compensated well. This encourages our partners to invest in their communities and future harvests. The more we can pay, the better the product will be and the better the product, the better our coffee. Everyone wins. Our eventual goal is to have as many direct farmer-to-cafe partnerships as possible to maximize transparency and mutual benefit. In doing so, we believe that international community is stimulated and lasting relationships are established.

Once our coffee has made its way from the origin to our café, it awaits roasting. Every roaster has his or her own roasting philosophy. Some prefer to roast darkly, for maximum boldness and consistent flavor no matter the coffee. Some roast lightly, to maximize the natural acidity in each coffee so that the flavor profiles are easily distinguished. We roast our coffee with the goal of bringing out the most balanced natural flavor available in each bean. Generally speaking, our coffees are medium roast for that reason. Some are a lighter medium while some are a tinge darker; the level of each roast all depends on the best, most balanced result for each coffee. Our task as a roasting team is to promote the hard work of our farmers and processing mills by roasting the beans to taste their absolute best.


After our roasters have carefully roasted the coffee for brewing, our baristas have the privilege of completing its journey of our coffee from the farm to your cup. Our mission in this final step is to serve our coffee with excellence in both brewing and customer service. Our barista team is dedicated to the best possible cup by honing our skills and using the best available brewing equipment. We measure precisely, dial in constantly, and steam our milk perfectly. No quality measure is ignored in our café. Our team not only serves the best coffee possible; we strive to do so with humility and selflessness, treating each customer with the utmost dignity and respect.

Here at Baba Java, our mission is to serve you excellent coffee. That is why our slogan, “excellence from farm to cup,” influences everything we do here. Excellent coffee starts with hardworking farmers who produce excellent coffee. Their work is highlighted through excellent roasting methods and that product is brewed and served with the utmost attention to detail and excellent customer service of our baristas. In this way, we strive for excellence from farm to cup.

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